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From today you can order eyeglasses online, so how do you do that? First you need a prescription for glasses which will be photographed and attached during the ordering process, if you do not have one you must check to get the prescription. You can also check the existing prescription in your glasses with the help of the GlassesOn app and use it to make glasses with the same prescription as yours.

You can download the application here:




The prescription looks like this:

SPH number

CYL-cylinder (there may be a prescription without a cylinder)

AXIS - Cylinder angle (only in case there is a cylinder)

PD - distance from the right eye to the left eye.

We will then select the appropriate lens index according to the following table:

SPH prescriptionIndex       
0.25-\+ to 3.00-\+Index 1.56 
3.25-\+ to 5.00-\+Index 1.6 
5.25-\+ to 6.75-\+Index 1.67
7.00- and up.Index 1.74

Now all that remains is to select the frame, select the appropriate index in the product options, upload the photographed prescription on the item page (you can take a photo directly from your mobile), and place your order.

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