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About Us

TOSEE SUNGLASSES - the most fashionable and stylish eyewear brand in Israel!

The goal was to create a brand of sunglasses and eyewear at the cheapest prices that can be sold and bring an accurate answer according to the changing reality of the fashion world with the goal of providing a fashionable and quality product at the best price.

 The idea is to create a wide range of models, a variety of new collections every season, so that everyone can choose glasses according to their perception, love and personal style.

Today, in the shadow of the widespread social protest around the world, we are, more than ever, fulfilling the vision.

The concept of our open stores is updated and immediately recognized in all stores. The opportunity to give you, our customers, a different, unique shopping experience and get to know the brand in all its shades.

TOSEE SUNGLASSES does not compromise on the quality of its products and makes sure to remain a leader in the field of design and fashion, while maintaining prices that everyone can enjoy.

We invite you to be part of a fashionable, trendy, unique brand and enjoy a different shopping experience.

The glasses provide protection from ultraviolet radiation (UVA + UVB).